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I need to find a small space, like the size of a small shed, where I could keep things in storage. I have a collection of books, that I can no longer keep where they are now, they are clean and neatly packed in boxes and bags... I offer 100$/month, but I am willing to discuss it further. I would only need to access it less than once per month, maybe once or several times every few months. I plan to store the stuff for up at least 6 months, and maybe up to several years. please reply ASAP!

I live in Burlington, I'm 29 years old, male, no fixed address, I dont smoke or drink, not in debt. I have some valuables left somewhere the owner doesn't want to be kept there anymore, it is a couple hundred books, I cannot tell in the foreseeable future when I will have my own place to keep them. I am looking for a locker, or box, or container, on a safe, secured property where I can keep the things, that I may go to occasionally, possibly for several years for 100$ a month. A room I would pay rent, 500 or 600 dollars if you have available.
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